Wednesday, 27 January 2010

2010 on paper

You’ve got to love January! Cold, wet, dark but the start of a new year filled with so many possibilities. Things to stop doing, things to start doing and of course, new countries to explore.

I’m not sure how this will materialise but these are my travel plans / ideas for 2010. I really hope they’re not still on paper come December!

Japan is at the top of the list. The country fascinates me; bullet trains, futuristic cities, onsen, mountains, temples, sushi, shopping …. Has any tourist (or anyone for that matter) ever had the chance to get bored in this country?
I guess I could also tie it in with a 3 night stopover in Seoul. Not really sure what I want to see or do in Seoul but it’s only a couple hours away so maybe it’s worth going, even if only to say I’ve been.

Middle East
Israel – still can’t believe I haven’t made it there yet! It has what must be the most interesting history of any country. I’d love to do one of those biblical tours: see the Valley of Elah where David defeated Goliath, walk in the footsteps of Christ, visit Jericho, Jerusalem, Garden of Gethsemane and float in the Dead Sea. Take me there now! My only reservation is the security situation, but hey, what country is 100% safe these days….

Family holiday to possibly Bahamas or Bermuda or anywhere hot, with gorgeous beaches and little else to do knowing my family. Not my idea of an ideal holiday but I’ll tag along.
And I should pop over to Barbados for a few days – why break a 13 year tradition?

Other thoughts
I’m playing the dutiful aunty and taking my niece (13) and nephew (8) for a few days this half term. What to do with them? I figure for the amount it’ll cost to entertain them in London I could book a flight somewhere and take them away for a few days. But as they’re from the Midlands surely a few days in the capital city is a holiday itself and there’s so much I still haven’t seen or done in London… decisions decisions. Ideas welcomed please.

A weekend spa break would be nice. Somewhere in the countryside with beautiful grounds where I could take a bike ride in the morning after breakfast, before my treatments. And then curl up with a good book next to a lake and listen to the swans gently lapping the water.

I’d also like to do some kind of missionary trip. It’s been years since I’ve used holiday time to do any missionary work and I’m feeling a little guilty that my holidays have become so self-indulgent. Yes I do tip and I did take a suitcase of clothes and shoes to Cuba to distribute to the locals but I really should do more for others while I’m away so definitely some kind of mission this year.

Oh, and the husband has been harping on about Barcelona for the past 2 years so maybe I’ll be a good wifey and accompany him for a few days. I went a few years ago as a day trip from another part of Spain and I really didn’t find it that interesting. But I’m sure it’ll be a whole new experience with hubby…

Let the holiday research commence!

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