Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Barbados

My how time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve been in Barbados for more than a week now.

Barbados is experiencing a drought –the worse one in over one hundred years the locals tell me. And if the rain doesn’t come soon this beautiful little island could really be in trouble. Already the prices of locally grown produce has shot up, hose pipe bans are in place and the luscious green landscape I’m accustomed to looks thirsty and brown.

That aside many of the things I love most remain unchanged. The people are still friendly, the food is still great and the beaches are still amongst some of the most gorgeous you’d find anywhere in the world.

I’m also enjoying my friend’s reaction to the island. I love the excitement of first time visitors at things that regular visitors no longer notice. Like her reaction to the yellow and purple uniforms of the Cheffette (local fast food chain) staff and how many of the ladies co-ordinate with matching purple eye shadow. Or her amazement at the amount of people who squeeze their way into the mini vans (local transportation). The number of times I’ve heard her shriek ‘surely they can’t fit anymore people on this thing!’ And not forgetting her bemusement of the Bajan sheep – ‘Are they really sheep? They look more like goats’. Which I guess in all honesty they do!

But I’m also discovering some new things myself. I had a birthday picnic at River Bay in St Lucy (very top of the island). For years I’ve enjoyed climbing up and looking over the cliff at the raging Atlantic Ocean below but for some reason always staying in that general vicinity. This time however a few of us decided to venture out a bit further afield and to my surprise I found that fifteen minutes along there is an extremely steep staircase built through the side of the cliff which leads down to a beach below. The waves are fierce and the pull back vicious, but there were a couple of brave (or foolish) souls on body boards.

Harrison’s Cave has finally reopened after being closed for about 4 years. The interior of the caves are the same but the surrounding grounds are stunning. Tropically trees line the gully walk keeping it cool and the visitors centre now hosts state of the art information points.

Cool Runnings sunset catamaran cruise is just as much fun as it’s always been. The fish cakes served pre dinner at Harbour lights exceed themselves. They even had cassava chips this time – didn’t know such a thing existed and Cassius Clay the fire eater is still going strong.. Oistins Fish Fry on Friday night was wonderfully crowded and vibrant. Oh and there’s a new board walk stretching from Accra Beach through Hastings.

Anyway, would love to sit here blogging but so much more to see and experience in the finally week so must dash!


  1. wow! your blog is quite informative- paints a very vivid picture. thank you- this is so on my list of places to visit next year now :)

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