Friday, 5 March 2010

Looks Like Turkey's on the Christmas menu

My faithful followers, brace yourself, you are NOT going to believe what you are about to read.

I Silvano GF, have booked an all inclusive package holiday! Believe it because it’s true. God willing come December I will be sleeping in the same bed, at the same hotel, in the same resort in the country for 14 nights. Even I am finding it hard to believe... Okay, deep breath. It’s going to be fine. After all, I didn’t just book it, I Thomas Cooked it. (I know, I know)

So this is a holiday for the family. Or should I say part of the family as mine consists of 6 siblings, 4 in-laws, 8 nieces and nephews, mum and dad. 9 of us in total shall be venturing out to Turkey for Christmas – I’m sure there must be a joke or 2 there. I’m convincing myself that as it’s a 5 star hotel on Lara Beach (which I have been assured is a lovely part of Antalya) that it’ll be fine. Not that the beach will be much use to us at that time of the year but hey.

Why Turkey I hear you ask? Well, a combination of factors including:
1)2 weeks in the Caribbean over Christmas is quite costly (not so bad for 2 but quite different when there are 9 of you).

2)There were certain people in the family who were anti ‘anywhere in Africa where you had to have jabs or take malaria tablets’. Personally I was fine with Africa. Great continent and I still have 3 years left before the Yellow Fever vaccination I took for Ghana expires.

3)Then others, or should I be specific and say ONE other (you know who you are!!) was anti anywhere cold with snow. So that was Lapland, Canada or any ski resorts out.

4)And finally – who doesn’t fancy a bit of Turkey at Christmas (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Anyway, while I’m off looking for things to do in Antalya when the weather’s not warm enough to swim, I would love to get feedback from those of you who have been to Turkey in the winter and those who have booked all inclusive packages before. Stories both good (to encourage me) and bad (to give me a realistic view) welcomed.


  1. It's all about the goose at christmas! haha x

  2. Can't believe you've never booked a package hol before. All inclusive is defo the way to go! It helps you to budget for the holiday in advance, I wouldn't travel any other way.