Friday, 17 December 2010

Turkey Mania - Nov 2010

As it had been a few years since I spent thanksgiving in America, I thought it would be a great excuse to visit relatives in Atlanta.
I flew Delta for the first time and the journey was fine, though the plane could benefit from a deep clean. Cleared customs easily enough and collected luggage. But then came the real palaver of having to be re-screened, re check baggage etc. as if we were about to re-board the plane. Shoes off, no liquids exceeding 3 oz – so bye bye to the duty free some folks had purchased on the plane and not rechecked.
Anyway, that was that. I had visited Atlanta before, in Sep 2005 but much preferred the cooler temperature this time, about 18-20 degrees. Dropping to about 12 by the time we departed. The 8 days were mainly spent with the in-laws; sister in law, husband and kids. Attended some football, or should I say soccer matches, did a school visit and of course – the shopping!

We took a 5 hour road trip up to Nashville Tennessee, a new destination for me. Spent a couple of days there and then dropped down to Chattanooga for thanksgiving. Actually had 2 thanksgiving dinners at 2 different houses in the space of about 2 hours!
The eagerly awaited Black Friday experience was a bit of a letdown. I expected to see people pushing, shoving a trampling each other but alas it all seemed tame. Still I don’t know that I have ever left my house at 5am to go shopping before so that in itself was an experience.
My last night was spent at Sambuca; husband, sister in law and a couple of friends. There was a live jazz band, good food but most of all I enjoyed the company.


  1. I'm always eager to hear about ur escapades that why I'm here as opposed to facebook!
    One question - there is seems to a blog missing! Come on, get it together Mrs.

  2. Right you are... actually, now there are three outstanding. I'm on it!!