Sunday, 1 January 2012

Back To Barbados - Jul 2011

I got really lazy and didn't upload my last three blogs of last year, so, before I start my travels in 2012 I thought I should get it done. Here they are:

Here I go, WAY overdue with these blogs again. Too busy travelling to write, right?
Every year I think ‘this is the year I’ll give Barbados a miss’ but for some reason I end up there every year! This year, it was for my cousin’s wedding in July. Which just so happened to coincide with one of the busiest seasons – Crop Over. This year I attended Pan pon di san for the first time. The family orientated Steel Pan event is held at Brandon’s beach.

Strangely enough it was also the first time I’d ever visited the Barbados Museum. Small, basic but imformative.

As always, mum was doing improvements to the house and as usual, we all got stuck in.

It was the first time Anthony had seen eaten a pomegranate

I always enjoy spending time with my godsons. The shoot up so quickly between visits

I try to go to the beach early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun. For some reason we ended up at Brown's beach during the midday sun. Everyone laughed at me going into the water with my umbrella up BUT who was laughing the next day when their skin was peeling and mine was fine??

It's very rare I get my mummy all to myself so I always make the most of it.

Poor little froggy, went to meet his maker!

Spent a few days at Bougainvillea - lovely hotel

And of course, the wedding we went for.

All in all a good time with family and old friends! No doubt 2012 will find me back in Barbados for one reason or the other!!!

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