Monday, 21 May 2012

South of France - Sep 2011

My wonderful husband organized and booked a trip to the South of France for us in September (2011) to celebrate our third anniversary. We stayed in Cannes and as he had hired a car we found it easy to explore Mougins and Nice. Mougins is a quaint little village, great art and even greater food!
Loved the pebble beach at Nice that just went on and on and on. I needn’t have bothered collecting any of the pebbles for my garden back home though as they were all confiscated at the airport from my hand luggage. Who would have know that pebbles could potentially be used as a weapon? (Note to self, next time going to Nice, check a bag!)
I'll leave out the details of the drive into the steep mountains that left me petrified and in tears. Oh but it was so beautiful once we got up there.
Laurence Jenkell, had his sweet wrapper art dotted around Cannes to decorate the town for the G20 summit which was taking place November 2011. It was an interesting challenge trying to name the countries depicted on the wrappers soley by their flags, but I was at a disadvantage. There were 55 pieces in total and I’ve only been to 33 countries – time to dig out the old passport me thinks!

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