Friday, 1 February 2013

Budapest - May 2012

Think I’ve left it too long to write a meaningful blog on Budapest, so here are a few highlights.

Did a few walking tours – the communist tour is a great one for gaining an understanding of how the country’s history is still affecting it today. And I’d also recommend the tour of the Jewish quarter in conjunction with holocaust museum, very emotional. Use tour guides where possible. There's a variety of 'free' walking tours where you pay at the end according to what you think it's worthg. Usually about £5-£10 per person.

Somewhere comfy to rest my feet after yet another walking tour!

Funny how’s there’s things I do on tour which I’ve never considered doing in London. i.e. visiting parliament and I mean going inside the building, not just walking around the exterior. You have to get in line early for tickets but it’s free if you hold and EU passport and well worth the 8am queue.

My favourite sign in any language!
 No idea what this is!!

Some competition for the statue – rub it’s belly for good luck (the statue’s that is)

You must try this drink – just because everyone raves about it locally.

 Hero’s Square – lovely at night.
 Can’t remember who it was that recommended we try a chocolate bar filled with cottage cheese – but more fool us for taking their advise!

 For some reason my Tesco clubcard wouldn’t work… :)

The right hand of St Stephen only been sitting around in this box for a few centuries. Must say it’s aged well.  Read more

 Yeah right, like I can really read Hungarian

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