Thursday, 29 August 2013


Ok, the blog title is a little bit of an exaggeration as I’m not sure it’s possible to get lost in Barbados. However, I knew I’d been away from the island for too long when I ended up catching the wrong van home from the hairdressers – a 3D instead of an 11 for anyone familiar with the routes. It turned off to head towards Thornberry Hill and I remembered thinking ‘hang on, I thought these guys were meant to stick to their route’ thinking the driver was making a small diversion. 10 minutes later when I relaised I should have been at home, I asked the lady seated next to me who explained I was actually on the wrong van, heading towards the airport instead. Had to go back to Oistins then wait for the correct van. Hence what should have been a $2 journey taking 15 minutes, turned into $6 and took more than an hour :(

Anyway, moving on. Arrived to the news that tropical storm Chantelle was threatening the island. The warning meant the entire island was on lockdown from 9pm that evening. It turned out to be little more than some heavy but intermittent showers which fell from around 3am till just after midday the following morning. By this time I was bored out of my wits and convinced my mum to accompany me to the beach. She came but wouldn’t venture into the water. Instead she kept a watching eye on the ravenous waves from the safety of the shore. Exercising wisdom I didn’t go any further than knee deep but it was fun jumping over and being knocked down by the waves. One concerned passer by approached my mum to find out if she was with me or whether I was attempting suicide – the waves weren’t that rough!
Even better than the sun and sea on holiday is the food. There’s 2 things I couldn’t get enough of on this holiday – mangoes and flying fish, and on average I ate about 6 – 7 of each most days. 

Roast corn was something I hadn’t had in years so I blacked my teeth on some of those. 

And had my first introduction to BB pig tale – just when I thought I’d eaten every form of pig meat available! Oh and the ranch for pork night on Tuesday. 

And the regular Cave Shepherd lunch with mum, BBQ lamb chops, macaroni pie and coleslaw. Then Suzanne and Kirk introduced me to South 7, Hastings Plaza. I didn’t rate the food but their fruit punch was amazing – proper fruit blended to perfection. Try as they might, Blakely’s on the boardwalk couldn’t live up to the same standard of fruit punch sadly.

 Saturdays in Barbados is traditionally pudding and souce day. All I can say is they don't make it like they used to.

Cheffete was disappointing…oh but the Roti Den, now that was a good roti!

Late night walk along boardwalk, saw turtle laying eggs.

Always enjoy sending time with the godsons, although I think the older one is at that age where he’s too ‘grown’ to hang out with god mum …maybe it’s not cool. But the younger ones – well they couldn’t get enough of the shopping, the treats, days out etc. Really wish I got to see them more often :(

Enjoying his first ice cream in a cone - he usually has it in  cup!

 Fun at the beach.

Mum decided to try her hand at growing a watermelon.

Farewell Barbados! Not since I was a teenager saying goodbye to my childhood sweetheart, have I cried when leaving the island. But the waterworks wouldn’t stop this time, why – because I was missing my mum before I even got on the plane. 

Well for an impromptu holiday, I had way more fun than I imagined I would and it left me thinking – why had I left it so long to return to these shores. 2014 planning starts now!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. Thanks for sharing your story & lovely pics.

    And oh yes Bajans do get lost in Barbados too, you might enjoy our blog about how me and 3 friends got lost several times in one day :) exploring St.Lucy...