Monday, 30 June 2014

A Taste of Tuscany

Easter weekend is always a good time to travel. If you’re organised enough to book in advance, the bank holidays can allow you a nice long mini break. As such, we headed off to Tuscany for 5 nights.

We based ourselves a short distance outside the city gates of Lucca and used a hire car to explore. You need to be careful when driving in Italy as they have the dreaded ZTL’s in most cities. To be on the safe side, we parked outside the walls of Lucca and got a bus to Florence, €12 each return and just over an hour in either direction. We did a walking tour but a lot of the info was lost as it was a very large group (more than 50) and sometimes difficult to hear guide.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful city with a rich history and offers lots to see.
Lago (lake) di Massaciuccol was beautiful. I’m not one for sitting quietly when or holiday (or nor for that matter) but I was so content just to sit on a bench and watch the gentle motion of the lake, the little ducks and the passers by.

Forte dei Marmi was another delightful, scenic drive. Forgetting I wasn’t in the Caribbean (and it was only April) I dipped my toes in the water…I know the photo looks like I’m laughing but I’m actually screaming from the shock of the icy chill!

I have always wanted to see the LeaningTower! I’ve made it to the other side of the world to see sites such the GreatWall, Mount Fuji, The 12 Apostles, The Kremlin, even the DMZ Zone in Korea… but for some reason it’s taken me all these years to see a tower a few miles away (in comparison). Still, The Leaning Tower of Pisa did not disappoint and I found it even more impressive than the images I had seen.

One can easily get tired of pasta when in Italy, or at least I can. But I would have happily eaten this seafood spaghetti dish every night of my stay.

One of my favourite sign at home or abroad :)

Err, what's the point?

Pasta on the menu at Mcdonalds

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  1. Was looking for blog posts on Tuscany for my big Europe trip next year and came across this (small world) looks great. Any other places you can recommend?