Saturday, 30 September 2017

A Day On The Lake (Lake District Aug 2017)

The good news is I made it to the Lake District! The bad news is a bad case of Vertigo (so says the doctor) attacked me a couple days prior and thus it wasn’t quite the adventure I had hoped.
I   settled for the exploration of one lake - Windermere. My initial plan was to do a boat cruise in conjunction with one of the four mile walks but as I had been warned to ‘take it easy’ and my dad wasn’t sure if he could do the entire walk, I decided we’d spend most of the day on the lake. We booked the Freedom of the Lakes pass allowing for any combination of boat tours (and a train ride) and commenced with a cruise from Ambleside to Lakeside. Lake Winderemere (which I later learned was a mere not a lake) is the largest in the Lake District. The boat stopped briefly at Bowness to pick up and drop off passengers before making its way to Lakeside. I noted if I did this lake again that was where I’d commence my journey as it was a lot livelier than Ambleside.

Once there, we embarked on a nostalgic steam train ride to Haverthwaite. There wasn’t a lot to do at Haverthwaite. It was great for children as there was a large adventure playground but I headed straight for the little cafe on the station platform. Nothing special but they do have a captive audience as it’s the only place to eat. I went for the beer sausage that came smothered in onions so much so that even I, an all time onion lover, couldn’t finish them (though to be fair they were rather soggy and even my dad commented on that fact). I took a trail when lead up a hill with an mazing view of the surrounding area.

On the trip back we stopped at Bowness for a wonder around and a rummage through the gift shops.  I braved the upstairs of the boat on the return journey. The wind had picked up and it was chilling but with it for the view. Was happy that after all these years I'd finally made it to the one place in England I'd always wanted to visit just disappointed I couldn't do more once there. But there'll be other opportunities, God willing.

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